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Tower Hill Farm Stay (Port Fairy)

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Rob Simpson's Warrnambool Shipwreck Sites

For Ground Penetrating Radar contact Jason Brewerton of GPR Imaging Solutions. There are two sites between the Australian towns of Warrnambool and Port Fairy that I feel are worthy of archaeological investigation. This article links to my video about Site 1 and explains Site 2 in detail. I have put all dates of activities at Site 2 in bold so that they can be easily found. Site 1 is in the hummocks (sand dunes) half way between Gormans Lane and The Cutting (an inlet from the sea to an inland lake). My reasoning is explained in a documentary. Here is the link: Quest for the Mahogany Ship . Site 2 is in the hummocks one kilometre (.62 of a mile) east of The Cutting. Click on this link to see a very short video of the site. There is also a 2018 Los Angeles documentary called Expedition Unknown - Mahogany Ship.   In my opinion "The Mahogany Ship" is a popular collective title for several shipwrecks stranded in the Warrnambool hummoc